Plate Deep Engraving with CO2 Lasers

Create Raised Text Affect

Engrave Various Metal Types

Engrave Various Metal Types


You can very quickly remove the background so text and images are raised.

Engrave Various Metal Types

Engrave Various Metal Types

Engrave Various Metal Types


This process works on stainless steel, brass, bronze aluminum and most metal types.

Adjustable Engraving Depth

Engrave Various Metal Types

Adjustable Engraving Depth


Engraving depth is adjustable.

Add Color to Make it Pop

Easy to Create Detailed Images

Adjustable Engraving Depth


After engraving you can add color back fill paint to enhance the image.

Large Format Engraving

Easy to Create Detailed Images

Easy to Create Detailed Images


The system can be used for metal tags all the way up to this fallen soldier memorial.

Easy to Create Detailed Images

Easy to Create Detailed Images

Easy to Create Detailed Images


 Create images with standard laser engraving systems or by screen printing. 

Deep Engraving Process


Easy to add to your existing laser engraving or sign business

This process reduces the amount of space and equipment normally required by traditional etching methods by using your existing laser to create the image.  If you already operate a laser engraving system in your business it has never been easier to add deep engraving to your list of services.

Steps to Success

  1. Spray your plate with our special paint
  2. Use your laser at high speed to create an image or text
  3. Run the plate through our chemical wash system
  4. Easily remove remaining paint
  5. Optional color fill to make it stand out

Fast Processing Time

One of the key advantages is that the entire plate width is processed at the same time as it is fed through the etching unit.  The entire area is engraved at the same time regardless of what kind of image you are engraving.  You should be able to engrave .01" deep at a rate around 1" per minute.  Engraving depth is controlled by adjusting the machine feed speed.

Laser2Etch Process Video

Engraving Unit


Low Cost

At a price of only $14,500 this will quickly pay for it's self.

So Simple to Use

Just turn the system on and adjust the speed control based on how deep you want to engrave.

Easy to Maintain

The unit is a simple roller conveyor that pulls the plates through and sprays the part with solvent as it goes through.

Safest Chemicals

The engraving unit uses a chemical called Ferric Chloride (40% strength) Ferric Chloride is very inexpensive, widely available and by far the least hazardous chemical used in metal etching. It does not produce dangerous fumes, It is odorless, it is not absorbed through the skin and does not cause burns.  $150 worth of this solution may last you an entire year.

Compact Size

The standard unit can process plates up to 20" wide with unlimited length and 1/4" thick

Unit Dimensions

Length 35” + 2 x 10” clip on trays (875mm + 2 x 250mm)

width 31” (787mm)

height 39” (1000mm)

Other Size Units Available

Even though the standard unit fit many applications other size systems can be made even for much larger widths depending on your needs.

Large scale possibilities with this little system.

Our partners with 35 years experience

We help provide sales and support for this technology in the United States with our partners Masteretch in the UK.  Masteretch has been producing equipment for and using these kinds of processes since 1983 and have installed systems in 40 countries.