Parts Marking Solutions

Laser Marking and Engraving


 Advanced Identification, Inc. has experience working with a large number of laser types and many system manufactures.  We help customer select the most appropriate marking system for their needs across different suppliers. 

CerMark Laser Bonding


The CerMark laser bonding process works with CO2 and fiber lasers create marks on metals,  glass and ceramic items.

We sell these materials as part of our  CerMark Sales, Inc. business.

Dot Peen Marking


We have 20 years experience in the dot peen marking industry.

Units are available in various configurations for individual parts, production line and hand held for large or odd shaped items.

Plate Deep Engraving


Low cost fast easy process for deep engraving stainless steel, brass, bronze and aluminum in minutes.

Metal Tags Marking Systems


 We have a variety of metal tags and tag marking systems for the most extreme conditions.

Ink Jet Marking


 Systems for small and large character printing on various material types from boxes to plastics and bare metals.