High Speed Printing Systems


Fastest Digital 360 Direct Printer Available

This system features several significant innovations that break the limitations of the traditional print industry. Utilizing very efficient environmentally friendly UV-LED curing technology, the 360 system offers the capability to digitally print directly on a wide range of materials including painted metal, bare metal, paper substrates, wood and plastics.  We do not print glass items on this unit as glass items tend to be more out of round than metal or plastic cups and spinning these items at high speed can cause damage to the printer.

Equipped with high-speed print heads capable of  W+CMYK+V, the printer can perfectly produce consistent, sharp images with a resolution up to 1400 x 900 dpi. 

Compared to traditional cylindrical printing methods, the 360 offers many advantages such as freedom from plates, minimal substrate preparation, short turnaround times and customized one-off print capability. The system is capable of producing smooth gradients and vivid photo prints on cylindrical objects where it has never been achieved before with traditional printing methods.

System Features

You can print onto cylindrical objects ranging in lengths between 4.3 in. to 13 in. (110mm to 330mm) and an outer diameter between 1.5 in. and 4.7 in. (40mm to 120mm).  The standard print area length of the System is 2.9 in. (75mm) extendable up to 5.9 in. (150mm). 

Other features include:

· Seamless 360º printing around the circumference of the substrate.

· Support to print text, logos, gradients and photos.

· Supports white and the automatic application of varnish and primer.

· Automatic ink monitoring and white ink circulation system.

· Print head maintenance mode for automatic purging, wiping and capping.

Print Durability

It is always suggested that customers hand wash any printed drinkware to extend the image life.  Our prints normally pass at least 25 dish washer runs before signs of print damage.  The biggest problem is if the cup is placed at the bottom of the dishwasher near the heating element that can get to 400 degrees some times it can start to yellow white and light print colors from the heat.  This printer has an option for adding a varnish pass after printing which will enhance print durability.

System Specs

Printhead:  DOD piezo electric, automatic voltage and temperature control 

Supported graphic formats:   JPEG, TIFF, PDF, EPS and DCS 

Communications Interface:  Gigabit Ethernet 

Dimensions:  54.1″ x 27″ x 57.3″ (1375mm x 685mm x 1455mm) 

Electrical:   Single phase 220V±10% (50/60Hz, AC); 7 Amps Maximum; 1KW

Printing Ink:  Prop 65 compliant UV cure

System Cost

Base price for this system is $56,000

This system is available with the following options:


Varnish top coat capability 

High Speed 360 Cup Printer

We can also print a full color image at the same cycle time.  Our tooling is adjustable to work with straight tapered items. We are able to print almost the entire length from top to bottom if the cup has a straight wall taper.   

Printing Service


We can print your cups for you

As many customers do not always need the all the capabilities of our high speed printer we offer to do printing as needed on your behalf.  Our system can handle most common shape drinkware.  You can send us cups you already have or we can help source a variety of cup shapes and colors. Contact us to go over the shape cup you want to make to make sure it will work in our system. 

Fast turnaround and low minimums

Small order sizes and fast turn around requests are always present in the cup decoration market.  The speed and flexibility of our system allows us to process even larger orders in a few days.   

Printing Service Pricing

Printing: 25 minimum per graphic and cup shape

Set Up Fee:  $25.00 for ready art (vector file)  $65.00 non-vector files

One side logo print  $8.50 ea. 

Full Wrap   $10.50 ea.    

IF you wish to ad a clear varnish coating over the mark it is an extra $1.50 ea.


If you wish for us to print on cups you will be supplying please see the system features section above to make sure the shape fits our system.  We have run many different brands and shapes on our system but if you have one that we do not already have tooling made for we will have to charge you a one time tooling fee of $300 per shape we have not done before.  The list of cups we have tooling made for changes often so just email us and we will check the current list for you.