High Speed Cup Marking System


How it is different

We have worked with one of our laser system suppliers to create a high speed laser marking system focused on drinkware.  We have achieved cycle times from 10 to 60 seconds depending on the material and/or coating type and the size of the image.  Most people use very slow moving plotter style lasers with a rotary unit that can only do one cup at a time normally taking a few minutes each to complete.  One of the slowest aspects of that set up is having to rotate the cup during marking.  We are introducing a special beam steering head that allows us to mark around the curve of the cup without having to turn it by adjusting the focus dynamically during marking.  With this feature one of our units is able to do the work of 5 or more plotter systems.  We have elected to use a strong CO2 laser that is much better suited for paint removal and glass marking applications.  This CO2 will also be able to make marks on bare metals as well using the CerMark laser bonding process.  

Adjustable for different shapes and sizes

We are offering this system in two basic configurations.  The first is manual placing one cup at a time and the second incorporates a feeding system called a dial indexer. Each configuration is adjustable for a wide range of shapes and sizes. The indexer holds 9 cups at a time and will mark one then start marking the next cup once the first is done.  It can be set to run 9 and stop for marked ones to be changed out or can keep running if an operator is manning the unit.

Price Range

The cost of this system ranges from about $45,000 to $69,000 depending on options selected.  We are offering two laser power level choices 60 watt air cooled and 100 watt water cooled for faster cycle times and if you plan on running the system nonstop all day.  Both lasers sources are metal tube style industrial grade made by Synrad in the US.  The other major option choice is manual loading 1 item at a time or dial indexer as shown in the video below.  Several financing options are available.

Video of dial indexer option in use


Adjustable Tooling for Dial Indexer

Not Just for Cups


Manual System

You are not stuck only being able to mark drinkware with this system.  You can remove the single cup holder on the manual system. This then allows you to place other kinds of flat or curved items you may want to mark in the unit as well.   The marking area for flat items is up to 580mm by 580mm.

Dial Indexer System

Different interchangeable fixture tooling inserts like in this photo can be made to fit onto the dial so can change over to other items when not running cups.  You can stop the dial and place other items manually into the system as well.