Reading Beyond Limits

For twenty years we have been developing better ways to read codes others would say are impossible.

Bar Codes and Symbologies

Are you having problems reading?


Not all bar codes are created equal. There are over 250 different types of linear bar codes and 20 plus 2D style symbologies. Some are harder to read then others. There are quality standards for how to correctly create each bar code or symbol type and systems to measure or grade how well a code is printed compared to a standard.


Handheld Reader for Direct Marks

All readers are definitely not created equal. Many off the shelf readers do not have the capability of reading items directly marked with laser, dot peen or even inkjet. For many years we have helped design and develop various lighting, optical arrangements and software to improve readers for all kinds of applications.

Industrial Strength Code Reading

Handheld Solutions


Not all handheld bar code readers are created equal. We work many suppliers of industrial strength readers for reading in the worst environments and we can help with the easy stuff too.

Production Line


Matching the best reading solution for your specific production line needs many times is not as easy as plug it in and go. We are very well versed in communications, special lenses, lighting and software that may be needed.

Code Grading & Verification


It is important to know if you or your suppliers are producing good quality easy to read codes.  We provide several solutions for code inspection and testing and helped write many of the grading standards.

What is best for you?

 Improved code reading technologies and techniques are literally evolving every day. Whether it is low contrast, high speed far distance reading or other challenges we can create the best solution each application.